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Why We Exist

In the face of unprecedented global challenges—ranging from climate change and social inequality to public health crises and political instability—it's easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. Yet, we believe that transformative progress is not just a hopeful aspiration but an achievable reality. That's why Partnerships For Transformation was founded.

We believe that by working collaboratively, across sectors and industries, we can identify and support high-impact initiatives capable of instigating meaningful change. These initiatives serve as lighthouses, demonstrating that positive transformation can be realized and inspiring further leadership and investment to scale that progress.



Diana Dotter, the Founder of Partnerships for Transformation is a distinguished executive whose primary mission is to catalyze global transformation by amplifying the initiatives of global organizations, public and private sector entities, and academic institutions that are at the forefront of addressing compelling global issues. Her work is geared towards fostering synergistic partnerships that augment the reach and impact of these organizations on an international level.

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